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Line of diagnosis in
The source of life is in the Blood and the Lymph; nine times out of ten, the seat of diseases, be the form what it may, is in the Vitiation of the lymph; once it is in the vitiation of blood, or a combined vitiation, from the reciprocal effects of the two constituent elements of the organism.

As there are only these three causes of disease, there can only exist three classes of maladies; for diagnosis, everything is reduced to this, to know if the patient belongs to one of the three following classes:
  • Lymphatics
  • Angioitics
  • Mixed (combined) which belong to the two preceding classes by the junction of two vitiation at the same time.
Practically, diagnosis is reduced to ascertain simply if the patient is angiotic or not. If he is, the remedies are antiangiotics, no matter what may be the form of his disease.

How to recognise different constitutions physically?
Sanguine Constitution
Sanguine (Angioitic) Constitution

It is easily recognised if particularly characterised by a florid complexion, tendancy to Haemorrhages, congestions, vertigo, palpitations, rapid pulsations in the carotids, haemorrhoids, varicose veins etc.

Through IRIS analysis the Person having the Brown colour Iris belong to angioitic constitution or condition.

Lymphatic Constitution
Lymphatic Constitution
When there is no florid complexion, tendency to haemorrhages, congestion, vertigo, palpitations, rapid pulsations in the carotids, haemorrhoids, varicose veins etc. then he/she is necessarily a lymphatic.

The Antiscrofulous will be his remedy, whatever the disease. Through IRIS analysis the person having the Blue colour IRIS indicating Lymphatic condition/constitution.
Mixed Condition/Constitution
Mixed Constitution
When some of angiotic symptoms one or more, proper to the lymphatics, may be present, such as tumors, enlarged glands, eruptions on the skin, etc; it is that “vitiation of the blood co-exist with that of lymph; it is a combine malady, Mixed Condition/ Constitution.The remedies, therefore, are Antiscrofulous and Anticancerous combined with Antiangioitics.

Through IRIS analysis the person having the base of Blue/orange or Brown colour mixings and belong to Mixed condition/constitution.