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Fundamental Concept of
Health & Disease
What is health in the purview of Electrohomoeopathy?
The human organisation is entirely built up by, and so dependent upon, the lymph and the blood. If these two liquids are in perfectly normal state the whole body will be healthful. As the old and worn–out or super-oxidised elements are eliminated from the system by perspiration through the skin, by expiration through the lungs, or by the excretion by means of kidneys, etc. and carried back to the inorganic world whence they came, the blood and the lymph will supply similar new elements to take their places. And by the admirable process of decomposition and re-composition life and health are continued.

What is disease in the purview of Electrohomoeopathy?
If, however, either the Lymph or the Blood, or both, are so vitiated that they cannot supply the tissues with the matter which they require in place of that which has become super oxidised, disease ensues.