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Probable diseases when born with Sanguine, Lymphatic and Mixed Constitution
As per Count Cesare Mattei, there are three constitution around the world the people born with:
a) Lymphatic b) Sanguine (Haematogenic) c) Mixed

What is a Constitution?
The constitution is the product of the interaction between the mental, emotional and physical being of a person.

Scientifically we can define the constitution as; the product of physio-emotional manifestation, which results from latent or active endogenous, hereditary factors. The development of these factors is dependent upon genetic regulation. The constitution is the sum total of all inherited characteristic - the Genotype.

General disease tendencies to the person born as Lymphatic constitution:
  • Disturbance of the lymphatic system
  • Catarrh of the mucous membranes in the upper respiratory tract
  • UTIs
  • Tendency to develop stomach ulcers
  • Hyperuricaemia - elevated uric - acid levels, rheumatic and allergic tendencies
  • Increased pyrexia
  • Heart pathologies
  • Ears, nose, and throat disorders
General disease tendencies to the person born as Sanguine (Haematogeinic) constitution:
  • Disturbance of the Blood plasma - Dyscrasia
  • Deficiency of mineral and trace elements - cofactors and catalysts
  • Increased tendencies to metabolic disease
  • Diabetes mellitus Type 2
  • Sickle - cell anaemia
  • Sub acute disease processes with degenerative tendency
  • Low fever activity, but when fever occurs then more pathological valuation - according to Hauser.
General disease tendencies to the person born as Mixed constitution:
  • Disturbance in the Liver-Gall bladder system (Billary tendencies)
  • Digestive disorders because of genetic enzyme deficiency.
  • Increased tendency to intestinal immune deficiency – Dysbiosis
  • Increased tendency to cramps - Magnesium issue
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Blood sugar tendencies
  • Ferrum chromatosis
Count Cesare Mattei discovered three constitutional remedies Anti-Scrofuloso (for Lympahtic Temeprament) Anti -Angiotic (for Sanguine temperament ) and Anti-canceroso (for Mixed temperament)

Experiments shows if a person belong to respective temperament of lymphatic, sanguine or mixed and use the above said remedies as the preventive mode for his/her constitution than the tendencies of the related diseases become very less and person feel healthy always at constitution level ( which act as the land for the germination of the symptoms of diseases).