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An Extraordinary Pharmacy - Cohobation
Cohobation in alchemy is the assembling of the purified elements. It is not concerned with the act of passing again and again a solvent over a substance to open it and to dissolve it.

In alchemy, cohobation is the reassembling of purified elements obtained by means of spagyrism. In principle, it occurs when reuniting the alchemical Sulfur, Mercury and Salt by following the techniques of spagyrism. Once the cohobation is done, the product undergoes a long digestion at a constant temperature or a circulation.

International Historical - Cultural Conference
International Historical - Cultural Conference on Count Cesare Mattei and Electrohomeopathy
Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st SEPTEMBER 2008, Porretta Terme (Bologna), Italy

"Fabio Ambrosi: Some Lights on Electro-Homoeopathy - Between History and Legend"